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Designed to treat Biohazardous Liquids

The Actini Sink Decontamination Unit is made to treat your biohazardious liquids. Designed by experts in biological risks, thermal processes and fluid mechanics, this fully electric system has been thought up to be compliant with the most stringent decontamination regulatory guidelines. Additionally it guarantees thermal decontamination of any kind of biohazardous liquid effluents at 135° for 2 minutes (FO 50). 

Plug & Play System 

These patented plug-and-play systems are available in a range of models to suit your requirements. The Actini Micro has a treatment capacity between 100-400 litres per day. The Actini Kube is designed to be connected to an existing effluent inlet, while the Actini Decontamination Sink features a built in hands-free water faucet. Both the Kube and Decontamination Sink have a 70 litre per day treatment capacity.

Compact & Practical Design

The Actini Sink Decontamination Units are easy to fit into any space- with a compact layout for placement in tight spaces. Standard size to fit in workbenches or under benches if connected to existing sinks. The micro designed for larger capacity is still easily adaptable to varying spaces. 

Fully Automated & Monitored

Human error is eliminated as manual intervention is not required. These sink decontamination units systems are fully automated and monitored. The PLC controls the cycles for safe operation from collection of the contaminated liquid to disposal of the treated liquid with total monitoring ensuring reliability. 

A Cost- Efficient, Ecological Solution

Produced in series, these units have been designed to fit in the budgets of research centre and university laboratories, additionally no consumables are necessary for functioning, requiring only water and power. 
The micro is also equipped with an energy recovery section- meaning no chilled water is required.