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Established for more than 50 years, Gallay has become a highly trusted supplier of medical equipment to thousands of customers around Australia & New Zealand. Gallay is committed to providing high quality cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising equipment to Day Surgeries, CSSDs and major metropolitan and regional hospitals. We specialize in the supply & support of endoscopy equipment, endoscope reprocessors, washer-disinfectors, steam sterilisers, dental equipment and much more!

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We've come a long way in 50 years!

Gallay is committed to supplying high quality medical equipment including cleaning, disinfection and sterilising solutions to CSSD's & Operating Theatres. As a complete solution provider we can offer the necessary skills and expertise to aid in design, planning, installation, validation and ongoing support of CSSD and associated equipment. 

Renowned for offering class leading technology from established suppliers, Gallay can tailor solutions to meet the complex challenges of today's busy CSSD or TSSU. Our passion for excellence and resource- responsible innovations yield immediate and long term value for our customers.

Our Service and Support

Gallay's service department focuses on optimising our products with superior response time, support, training, validation and quality parts.

Gallay Today

Today many CSSD Managers around Australia & New Zealand rely upon Gallay supplied equipment to ensure exceptional reliability & results from the department. When you invest in Gallay CSSD equipment, you are creating a legacy of quality that will be appreciated for years to come.