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Smartline IQ Series

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Smartline iQ Series endoscope drying cabinets, brought to you by Ecolab Healthcare feature individual channel monitoring system ensuring patient safety.

The Smartline iQ Series are made in Australia and come with a choice of four artworks created by Australian artists.  When you choose a Smartline iQ series endoscope drying cabinet, you are supporting an Australian artist, helping to keep the Australian culture alive, whilst enjoying a beautiful piece of artwork.

Smartline iQ Series endoscope drying cabinets are EN 16442 compliant with 7 days storage in ANZ and offer a small footprint of only 600mm W x 600mm D.

The iQ Series endoscope drying & storage cabinets are built with a fully independent air system.  The integrated air system requires no changes to a sites infrastructure and used patented vacuum technology.
Smartline iQ series of endoscope drying cabinets are easy to install, offering a plug and play solution with no complex installation requirements.

Smartline iQ series feature scope data monitoring system and touch screen display providing users with remaining scope storage time and environmental monitoring and the intelligent LED interior lighting provides users with clear internal visibility and stylish design.

Smartline iQ endoscope drying cabinets feature remote log in, allowing for convenient 24/7 service capability and reporting.

Smartline iQ RotaScope model stores up to 9 flexible endoscopes vertically.

Smartline iQ Slida1scope model stores up to 8 flexible endoscopes horizontally in trays.