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Antigermix AS1 Probe Disinfection System

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Disinfects Probes & Transducers in Just 90 Seconds

The fastest fully automated High Level Disinfection (HLD) Cycle for probes available in Australia.

Healthcare professionals and physicians are able to easily and systematically perform High-Level Disinfection of probes between two consecutive patients without breaks as the Antigermix AS1 completes high level disinfection in just 90 seconds. Antigermix AS1 uses germicidal UV-C radiation, i.e. with a wavelength from 200 to 280nm.

Available for Outright Purchase or via our new Cost Per Use model

Are you looking for the best possible probe disinfection system but not sure if your capital budget will stretch far enough? We want all customers to experience the safest and fastest probe disinfection system available and that's why we've introduced the Cost Per Use model. Significantly reduced capital costs coupled with a small cost per use charge mean that even the smallest sites can now afford Antigermix technology.

Easy One Touch Disinfection of Probes & Transducers

A simple touch of one button to start the HLD cycle. When complete the unit stops automatically. Information which relates to disinfection cycles is automatically stored and managed in the GERMITRAC database which can be printed or accessed digitally. 

No Chemistry - Very Low Running Costs & Environmentally Friendly

UV-C light is used to achieve High Level Disinfection producing no liquid waste during the HLD process.
There are no harmful chemicals used, which elimates any risk to patient and operator safety. The Antigermix system is able to reprocesses external, endovaginal and endorectal ultrasound transducers. 

Antigermix - Now recognized by the updated ASUM Ultrasound Transducer Reprocessing Guidelines

Fully Automated Process - No Human Error

Automated verification is used to calculate the disinfection status by measuring the dose received by the ultrasound probe and then comparing it with the required dose for each cycle- the Antigermix then produces a disinfection report which is printed and electronically accessible. This means that the HLD process is fully automated, removing any chance of human error and producing a compliant label only when the process is completed successfully.

Full Tracking/ Traceability using RFID technology

Each Antigermix system is equipped with an RFID system which identifies it and assigns disinfection information to it, you also have the ability to add patients name to these pieces of information.

Germitrac Tracking Software can store and back-up all of your existing data, which is accessible through any laptop, desktop or tablet with a simple user interface that is easy to use. All transducers are fitted with an RFID chip, these are automatically recognised by the Antigermix, which provides information for an automatic validated printout that includes:

- Establishment / Department / Unit ID
- Date and Time Stamp
- Patient Name / Number
- Probe ID and Serial Number
- Disinfection and Cycle Status

Compare Antigermix to Probe Wipes or Chemical-Based Disinfection Systems

Read more about how Antigermix compares to traditional wipe or liquid chemical based probe disinfection systems in our educational article at this link.