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18 DIN Tray Belimed Instrument Racks

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Increase Productivity

These newly designed instrument racks promise a productivity increase of 20% over traditional 5 level, 15 DIN tray racks. 

Features the Eco Spray System

Thanks to a newly designed Eco Spray System these new racks offer best-in-class capacity with support for an extra 3 instrument trays (6 level model) compared to other 5 level racks.

The Eco Range - save money & time

The Eco range boasts extremely low detergent, water and energy usage whilst also offering total coverage and superior cleaning performance.  An additional feature of the Eco instrument racks is their ergonomic design which allows them to be loaded or unloaded form all four sides. The newly designed Eco racks will be available in a range of models up to the class-leading 6 level version.