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Soluscope Drying & Storage Cabinet (compressor)

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Full AS/NZ-4187 Australian Standards Compliant Drying & Storage Cabinet

The Soluscope DSC8000 range has been designed to offer complete compliance with Australian Standards, in particular the revised AS/NZ4187.  This means the cabinet offers complete digital tracking & traceability for your endoscopes including all tracking of the scopes in and out of the cabinet and by whom.

Store Your Scopes for up to 7 Days

Ensuring full compliance with applicable local and international standards, the Soluscope endoscope drying cabinet  is a single door (pass back) model which offers endoscope storage for up to 7 full days.

A more Intuitive User Interface

A new 7” touch screen, enhanced with faster technology, provides clear display of “full icons” for user comfort.

Knowing which scope to use is now easily identified via a green progressive bar to denote storage days passed, allowing staff to identify and prioritise which scopes to use, when.

Improved Tracking & Traceability

Featuring Soluscopes advanced touch-screen technology in combination with Soluscope IT, this cabinet has been designed to integrate with your Auomated Endoscope Reprocessors and other IT tracking systems.  The new Soluscope DSC8000 endoscope drying cabinet can verify a high level traceability, including operator in/out identification.

The DSC8000 prints all the traceability information on a ticket, providing you with hard copy evidence of drying process and can also be easily integrated with the Soluscope IT electronic system.  The electronic archive system allows you to re-print old tickets.

Channel-Controlled Filtered Air

Scopes are dried and stored within the drying cabinets tray with medical grade air flushed through the scope channels and HEPA filtered sterile air circulating around the endoscope.