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Euronda E9 Next 18L

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 Class B Sterilisation

The Euronda Next cost-effective dental autoclave provides flawless Class B sterilisation, in correspondence to EN 13060 standards. Water and electricity consumption is optimised, allowing users to take full advantage of each cycle by using all 5 trays and 3 containers. The autoclave guarantees full inspection ability through plastic tanks and a high-tech polymer top cover that can be easily opened without need for special tools.

High Quality & Cost Effective Dental Autoclave

The Euronda E9 Next 18L dental autoclave is high quality, solid and trustworthy- with a simple and clean design. This machine is designed to minimise cost of routine and extraordinary maintenance Equipped with the latest technology- this dental autoclave can now be purchased across Australia. 

User- Friendly Dental Autoclave 

The-touch screen provides swift and logical functionality, with clear icons that enable users to successfully navigate across the menu screen. Furthermore, the display screen is customisable, allowing users to create their own menu and developing their own custom functionality of the machine.

Comes Standard with a Built In Printer

Users are given a choice of 3 print sets depending on requirements and preferences. They include: an external large quantity printer for continuous production, built-in E-Board adhesive labels printer kit or a built-in thermal printer. This cost-effective dental autoclave is also equipped with an Ethernet connection and SD card- making all data on sterilisation cycles readily available and easily transferable to a PC when necessary.