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Soluscope Sprint Endoscope Reprocessing

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Soluscope Sprint is the latest model from the flexible, Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor pioneers, Soluscope. Soluscope in association with Gallay have brought many ground breaking innovations to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Market Leading Endoscope Reprocessing

Faster than ever… with a full clean and disinfection cycle, you’ll never have to worry about a back log of dirty scopes.


A 7” innovation and intuitive graphical touchscreen enables the user to easy and fast access to all cycle and machine parameters.


Access your Endoscope Reprocessing database in real time, collect electronic documentation and monitor your reprocessor and other Soluscope equipment with traceability software.


Fit out your department with a complete integrated endoscope reprocessing solution with Soluscope Drying & Storage Cabinets and Soluscope IT Endoscope Tracking System.


Efficiency and Reliability for your department

Soluscope Sprint provides market leading time-effective cycles which are compatible with more than 1500 flexible endoscopes of all brands.  These Automatic Endoscope Reprocessors offer both high level disinfection and sterilization cycles.  With an added option of enhanced pre-clean to eliminate manual cleaning procedures or an alcohol injection flush to optimise drying prior to storage.


Full Tracking & Traceability

Soluscope Sprint features full tracking and traceability.  Assisting in patient safety the in-built barcode reader and printer registers and prints cycle data to provide proof of successful endoscope reprocessing.


Endoscope Tracking System

Soluscope offers a complete solution providing a full tracking and traceability system for Endoscopy Day Surgeries and Hospitals; Soluscope IT.  Working through your surgery/hospitals network the system retrieves all endoscope reprocessing data amongst other information, allowing the users to easily access important information live at their desk and to search on all key parameters for trace back studies.


Endoscope Reprocessing System built from a long legacy

Soluscope’s 25 years of expertise along with a clear understanding of medical processes has enabled them to be leaders when it comes to AER’s.  This Soluscope was the first endoscope reprocessor in the Australian market to :

  • Offer individual channel monitoring with alarms.  This technology ensures all endoscope channels are fully cleaned and disinfected/sterilised during the reprocessing cycle.
  • Offer full cycle leak testing with an alarm.
  • Offer a cycle time of 20 minutes which includes automated cleaning and high level disinfection.
  • Offer an automated self-disinfection cycle using a second biocide.
  • Offer both high level disinfection and sterilisation cycles in 1 machine – Soluscope Series 3 PAA/Sprint
  • Offer barcode tracking of Endoscopes, Operators, Doctors and Patients.
  • Reprocess EUS (ultrasound) endoscopes.
  • Ensure the operator correctly loads an endoscope via barcode validation, protecting the nurse and the patient.

Presented with all the same features that our customers have come to love and trust in Soluscope Sprint, we can offer solutions with dirty and clean separation.  Contact our  team for further information.