Bandelin Sonocool 255

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Ultrasonic Device for Pathology and Analysis

An Ultrasonic device with cooling  used for pathology and analysis laboratories - for the decalcification of bone tissue in pathology. In Analysis laboratories used for sonicating temperature-sensitive samples. Includes: the ultrasonic device, sample holder, glass life, 20 inset beakers and concentrate for producing the contact liquid.

Advantages include increased life span:

Compact design, increased life span by welded tank: stainless steel AISI 316Ti, lid made of glass for sample obsecration and easy cleaning. A level sensor for contract liquid as try run protection. A lighted LCD Display and serial interface for remote control.

A Ready to use set

A set consisting of:

  • ultrasonic device SC 255
  • sample holder PH 255-11 for 11 inset beakers SD 01.2
  • lid made of glass D 255 G
  • 20 inset beakers SD 1.02, glass - without spout, 20 pieces 100 ml
  • 250 ml TICKOPUR TR 3 (concentrate for producing the contact liquid)

Decalcification of bone tissue in pathology

Decalcification of bone tissue in pathology, an important step of histological preparation of samples (e.g. in oncology). Only decalcified samples can be used artefact-free for followed diagnosis. Compared to standard methods, the processing time is extremely shortened. There is no destroying of the morphologic structure of samples, the quantity of aggressive decalcifying liquids is reduced and there is a faster results of diagnosis.

Use in Analysis Laboratories

With SONOCOOL the catalytic effect of ultrasound can also be used when sonicating temperature-sensitive samples. Exotherm reactions are possible because of the integrated cooling system, processes are faster and more effective.