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Actini Batch Decontamination Systems

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Modular solution to thermally decontaminate biowaste

Actini Cyclobatch decontamination system is aimed at treating medium to large daily volumes of biohazardous liquid waste. This steam unit is specifically engineered to allow facilities handling PC1 to PC4 biohazardous liquids to be safely & seamlessly heat treated, cooled down & discarded to drain.This innovative batch process is particularly efficient at the homogeneous treatment of effluent comprised of solids.

Revolutionary Technology 

The spiral motion inside the treatment tank, which is generated by a patented steam injection technology, allows a core treatment of the solids present in the biowaste. Further, this revolutionary batch treatment guarantees a low temperature difference of the solids being decontaminated inside the kill tank, as well as their natural agitation & pressurization. 

Fitted with cutting edge technology, the Cyclobatch effluent decontamination system boasts reduced heating time & cooling times allowing substantial energy savings. Thanks to Actini smart design & engineering, this modular batch decontamination system removes the biological risks of cross contamination, gaseous discharges, filters clogging & cracking. 
Last but not least, its compact design & low maintenance makes it a favourite across bio-facilities worldwide.