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Belimed Batch Washers WD250 Washer-Disinfectors

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The WD250 - 10 DIN tray washer-disinfector with automatic sliding doors.

The WD250 offers a high degree of operator friendliness and features automatic sliding doors.
Featuring optimal visual inspection - solid-glass doors are standard on every WD250. Therefore workflow and operating processes are always safely in view.

Quality & Performance

Performance, quality, economy and consistency are the main features of Belimed’s WD250 series of batch washer-disinfectors. They offer higher efficiency through shorter cycle times combined with higher cleaning performance. Developed to comply the latest ENISO 15883 directive, they ensure safe cleaning, disinfection and drying of medical devices.

For use in CSSD Units

The two door WD250 was developed specifically for use in CSSD Units.  It ensures separation between the decontamination area and clean slides. Interlocking of the doors prevents the system from being opened to both areas at the same time.