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Belimed Batch Washers WD290IQ Washer Disinfector

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Washer Disinfectors NEW Intelligence, makes your life easier

Belimed's NEW WD 290 IQ washer disinfector is packed with the latest in ‘smart’ technology, efficiency and flexibility.  The "on screen" batch pre-processing and post-processing information, will allow the operator increaed throughput, flexible working procedures and improved data and tracking quality.

The washer disinfector allows CSSD to choose the desired information to be displayed on the screen during the wash cycle.


Large useable and customisable touch screens

10.4” touchscreens on both the loading and unloading sides of the washer disinfector, enables the user/s to select different desired display options, which can be adapted to individual requirements.

Access to the machines archived data can also be called upon, during a machine cycle, without interrupting the current cycle.

All data can be exported at any time to 3rd party systems.



The Belimed WD290IQ Washer Disinfector, based upon the market leading WD290, provides outstanding wash performance with reduced wash cycle times and signficantly lower water consumption.