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Belimed Cabinet Washer-Disinfector WD200

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Small Footprint - Perfect for CSSD, TSSU & Larger Dental Practices

With no compromise to performance, Belimed’s new, easy to use WD200 washer  features a small footprint of only 68 cm wide making it ideal for CSSD and TSSU units and larger Dental practices.  Features up to 12 DIN trays per cycle

Cost-Effective Usage

This unique medical washer disinfector offers an outstanding cost-performance ratio and a large capacity of 12 DIN trays.
Water and chemistry savings of up to 20% with Belimed’s unique ‘Dynamic filling’ feature
Exhaust air condenser with heat recovering + RO-water preheating = shorter cycles and a further 20% energy and resource savings 10% less water consumption with Belimed’s new ECO racks

Meets EN ISO 15883 Standards & More

Complying with the EN ISO 15883 standard, this easy to use medical washer guarantees fast and reliable reprocessing of medical instruments. Features Simple clear menu navigation visible from a distance. With easy loading and unloading with guiding notches and an ergonomic loading height of 87cm. An increased capacity with the unique 6 level rack featuring 12 DIN capacity/Self-cleaning/disinfection with a complete automatic drainage after each program phase