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Belimed Automation

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Full Integration

The Belimed Washer Disinfectors have been designed to integrate an automatic Cleaning and Disinfection Conveyor System.

Process without Clutter

This system allows washer-disinfector users to easily load racks and ready to process without clutter on packing tables and trolleys.

Automatic Loading & Unloading

Control system automatically selects next vacant machine for next load with waiting bays per machine allows racks to be loaded and ready to process without clutter on packing tables and trolleys

Designed for long term use

Engineered for long reliable service with minimum maintenance with shuttle unit controls rack movement within the conveyor system
Features a return conveyor passes racks from clean side to dirty side and has an auto load & program recognition


  • Automation queues racks, send them to the washer, loads and starts the cycle, and then unloads.
  • Easy and Direct Access for Decontam
  • Complete Visibility for Prep & Pack
  • Reduce the Strain - the rack never has to leave the system, eliminating that stress.
  • Flexible Queuing Choices
  • Queuing allows the decontam staff to prep racks and work ahead of the washers.
  • Two rack queuing module
  • Nine rack maximum capacity
  • Options to fit available space and processing needs
  • Linear or parallel configurations