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Belimed MST-H Steam Steriliser

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Cost effective operation combined with highest possible reliability - the new MST-H steam steriliser

Customers need as well as reliability and cost effectiveness were at the centre of attention during the development of the MST-H steam steriliser. Optimised process technology and well-thought out processes ensure greatest possible resource savings. Developed in accordance with the current directives, the MST-H steam steriliser guarantees reliable sterilisation of medical devices.

High turnover while economizing on resources

Equipped with the innovative Belimed process technology, the MST-H steam sterilizer achieves greatest possible efficiency and cost effectiveness. Belimed's innovative technology reduces water consumption, or allows for a higher inlet temperature of the cooling water with corresponding energy savings.

Uniform Operation

Whether sterilizer or cleaning device - all systems of the new Belimed device generation have a uniform operating interface. The menu navigation is clearly laid out and the illuminated colour display is easy to read even when viewed from the side at an extreme angle. Important process data such as remaining run time, readiness for loading or unloading & warning messages are shown on the process status display which is clearly visible from a distance

Available in 370L to 1620L

MST-H Hospital Sterilisers with horizontal sliding doors movement are available with a chamber volume of 370L to 1620L. With over 2000 sterilisers installed worldwide in leading hospitals, laboratories and the pharmaceutical/ biotechnology sectors, Belimed possesses the experience and knowledge to efficiently solve problems in both the Central Sterile Supply Department and the sub-sterile areas.

Benefits at a Glance:

With its Ergonomically design, long life span, user friendly and suitable for networking. The MST-H has it all. The benefits of Belimed Sterilisers at a glance:
Long-life, Ergonomically, Safe to operate, System-oriented, User-friendly & Suitable for networking