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Belimed PH820/PH820.H - GMP Parts Washer

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316 Litres

316L chamber and piping polished to Ra <0.8um with  vertical glass sliding door with lock, single door or pass through versions available. Design that incorporates customer requirements and at the same time meets the latest FDA, GMP and GAMP guidelines. Of particular significance here is the dead-leg & crevice-free wash chamber design with rounded corners: Soil deposits in the machine arising from the cleaning processes have been prevented from the outset and allow a contamination-free cleaning.Process MonitoringProcess monitoring that is able to sensor a range of different procedures which can then be used for batch documentation (IQ/OQ, FAT, SAT, GMP etc.). With consideration to the delicate wash goods and the required high degree of cleaning efficiency, special attention was given to optimize wash liquid pressure and solution distribution between inner and outer product cleaning. In terms of materials and components the selected materials and major brand components meet even the highest requirements in terms of quality and longevity.

Validation Available

Validation service available for installation and commissioning. Belimed offers a range of cleaning systems that have been specifically designed for pharmaceutical processing environments. Belimed’s PH range adheres to FDA rules and regulations in addition to strict pharma cleaning regulations. Cleaning, rinsing and drying are accomplished by means of a single pipework system.