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Belimed WD390 Index Washer-Disinfector

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WD390: Index Washer Disinfector with high throughput

The Belimed WD390 is an Index Washer Disinfector with high throughput, cost effectiveness, short cycle time and has a  fully automatic transport system. Built to exceed the European standard prEN ISO 15883, it can be customised to suit your CSSD's cleaning and disinfection needs.

Usage for many applications

The WD390 Washer-Disinfector is designed for reprocessing of goods including theatre Instruments, Containers and Bowls, MIC-instruments, AN-goods and baby bottles.

Features of the Belimed WD390

It features a push bar rack transportation with a separate areas for clean and unclean instruments.  A continuous flow through, highest capacity unit available with automatic loading, conveyor return. Featuring prerinse, wash, disinfection (3 tank system) & High power drying (2 drying units).  It is environmentally engineered, heat recovery and transfer.

State of the art design

Dynamic wash cycle to optimize water and chemical use  with a  touch panel control, LCD cycle display
It has a high disinfection value Ao = 3000.
With  Automatic program recognition & cycle validation, batch archiving, barcode option
Assorted racks: MIS, anaesthetics, instruments, hollow goods and shoes