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Belimed WD750

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Quality in every dimension with the WD750 large scale cleaning, disinfection & drying system

The Belimed WD750 washer is a Large-Scale Cleaning, Disinfection, Drying System, designed and independently validated according to the requirements of the most recent EN ISO 15883 Directive on Cleaning and Disinfection Devices. Thanks to the large washing chamber, connection coupling for an internal cleaning system and numerous options, the WD 750 meets a wide variety of differing requirements in respect of cleaning and disinfection.
The electronically driven, oscillating spray system and the perfect-seal connection coupling with patented sealing mechanism ensure excellent cleaning performance.

Ground-breaking design, function and quality.

The WD750 large scale cleaning system us based on indicial customer requirements and consistent implementation of the most recent guidelines and directives.
The Cleaning & disinfection system - the electronically drive, oscillating spray system (external cleaning) & the perfect seal connection coupling with patented sealing mechanism (constant-pressure, leakage free supply to the load carrier's direct-injection system) ensure excellent cleaning performance.

Reliable Process Control

Operating safety and reliability play an important role in the development of the WD750. Every detail demonstrates the needs & process requirements within the central sterile material supply department. The high level of safety is ensured by extremely simple operation, automatic protection of the items to be washed and independent recording and documentation of the process data.

Maximum safety and optimum economic efficiency

The system concept is based on the requirements of the most recent EN ISO 15883 directive on cleaning and disinfection devices and on Belimed's many years of research and experience in the sector of automatic conditioning. The system's outstanding features are high quality, economy of design and performance, along with the integration of a number of innovative features and customer benefits.