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Biological Indicator Auto-reader

The Biological Indicator auto-reader is an automatic system for incubation and reading of:
  • Super rapid self-contained biological indicators
  • Rapid  self-contained biological indicators
  • Hygiene Monitoring Systems/ Protein detection

Why use the Biological Indicator Auto-reader?

The Biological Indicator Auto-reader from Terragene provides precise, reliable results for biological indicators. It has been manufactured under EN ISO 11138-1, 2, 3 International Standards and elaborated under the Quality Management Systems ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. Other benefits include:

  • Automatic reading detection and cancelation: The Biological Indicator Auto-reader recognises when a BI is placed in reading position. If BI is removed during reading, alarm will sound for 10 seconds before cancelling reading.
  • Optimization of incubation times:  The Biological Indicator Auto-reader allows for 2 programs to run simultaneously, reducing time spent testing.
  • Alarm system: An alarm will sound when a positive result is found or if a BI has been removed.
  • Thermal printing: a thermal printer will print out a ticket to show results of each reading position.
  • Temperature calibration: The Biological Indicator Auto-reader can have a thermometer inserted to its side for temperature calibration control.
  • Digital communication: All data stored on Auto-reader can be transferred via USB to PC.