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Biological Incubator

The Biological Incubator is a reliable system for monitoring Steam, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ethylene oxide, and Dry Heat sterilisation processes. Users can select a temperature of either 37oC or 60oC to incubate their cleaning/ sterilisation indicators.

Why use Biological Incubators?

The Biological Incubator from Terragene has been designed to suit a wide range of products. The heating block consists of 34 positions for conventional as well as rapid readout times for self-contained biological indicators. There is a special hole for an external thermometer, as well as 14 positions for self-contained ampoules and protein detection pens. The Biological Incubator has been manufactured under EN ISO 11138-1, 2, 3 International Standards and elaborated under the Quality Management Systems ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.