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Ultrasonic Cleaning Efficacy Test

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Efficacy Test Terragene

Ultrasonic Cleaning efficacy tests consist of a clear vial filled with reactive blue-coloured solution and glass beads. The device monitors the cavitation capacity of the ultrasonic washer. When functioning correctly, vibration of glass pearls will trigger a colour change to a yellow colour. Alternatively, if cavitation fails, a green colour change will occur. A transparent label on the outside of the vial with printing of cleaning indicator and lot number can be detached for documentation purposes.

When do I use Ultrasonic Cleaning efficacy tests?

Ultrasonic Cleaning tests should be used in each ultrasonic cycle. The Ultrasonic Washing machine should also be checked at least once a week with recorded results. This will detect any deterioration in the performance of the cleaner and assist in preventing ineffective washing.

Why use Ultrasonic Cleaning efficacy tests?

Terragene Ultrasonic Cleaning efficacy tests show high stability against similar products in the market, ensuring correct long term performance. The indicator has high reliability, revealing any deficiencies in the ultrasonic cleaning process. Ultrasonic Cleaning efficacy tests can be used for monitoring ultrasonic washing machines operating in a temperature range of 18°C to 70°C and at 40 kHz frequencies.