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Chemdye Class 4 Indicators

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Product name Description Colour change Pack size Price
CD201 Multi- variable indicator (steam) Blue to Black 250 Click Here
CD50 Multi- variable indicator (formaldehyde) Red to Green 250 Click Here
CD10 Multi- variable indicator (ethylene oxide) Purple to Green 250 Click Here

Class 4 Chemical Indicators- Chemdye

Gallay partners with Terragene to produce Class 4 Chemical indicators. The multivariable indicator for steam, formaldehyde or ethylene oxide sterilisation processes monitors critical parameters to ensure proper sterilisation has occurred. The cellulose substrate, printed with a blue. red or purple reactive ink (depending on sterilisation process), will distinctively change colour to black or green when exposed to 121oC  (15 mins) or 134o (3.5 mins). 

How do I use Class 4 chemical indicators?

End users place a Class 4 chemical indicator within each package or bag/ tray that will be sterilised by steam. For rigid containers, there should be at least 2 test strips diagonally opposite in each corner to ensure that the cycle has reached all areas of the machine. Once the cycle is over, the user must analyse the results. If the ink has transitioned into another colour (as specified), the items have been processed correctly. Alternatively any tinges of different colours (as specified) indicate a failure in the sterilisation cycle.

Why use Class 4 Chemical indicators by Terragene?

Class 4 Chemical Indicators by Terragene check critical parameters regarding the sterilisation of various devices. These indicators have been specifically developed to be used in sterilisation packages and/or places inside the sterilisation chamber that are considered difficult access for the sterilising agent.