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'Splat' Washer Performance Test

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Cleaning Check Test For Washer Disinfectors

The 'Splat' test has been specifically designed as a check test for washer- disinfectors. This routine control is non-toxic and presents a high level of trust and reliability to reveal deficiencies in the cleaning process. The indicators themselves are made up of a synthetic support measuring 70x30mm, which is stable to temperature.

How does the cleaning check test for Washer Disinfectors work?

The device consists of a mixture of coloured organic components, which assist to detect all factors that may affect the outcome of the washing/ disinfecting process. The inital red colour with a very high challenge level will be eliminated if the washing/ disinfecting process is satisfactory. If unfavourable results do occur, users must check quality/ quantity of detergent, cleaning time, temperature as well as general condition of the washer.

Compliant with the latest standards

The cleaning check test for washer- disinfectors complies with EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012, assuring users of certified quality and reliance.