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Chemtrap Storage Cabinet Filtration System

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Standalone Filtration System

The Chemtrap is Erlab’s Standalone filtration system for chemical storage cabinets. With fast and easy installation, the Chemtrap transforms any flammable or chemical storage cabinet into a standalone filtered storage safety cabinet. It eliminates noxious vapours released from your flammable safety cabinet and improves the user’s safety from inhalation risks.

Quick Installation

With the Chemtrap, the installation is quick, unlike the complicated ducted systems: just place it on the top of your cabinet, connect the stainless steel tube between the exhaust port of the cabinet and the inlet port of the Chemtrap, plug-in to an electrical socket and that’s done!

Available with Smart Technology

Erlab's SMART technology notifies users of their protection through the use of light and sound. This simplified communication delivers information about: fan settings, usage timer, fan alarm, face velocity and filter performance. The Chemtrap Smart comes with an app that allows for remote control to monitor the chemical storage cabinet, change the settings and deliver safety alerts immediately to your devices (mobile, tablet and PC).

Universal Design

With its universal design, the Chemtrap fits any chemical storage cabinet, allowing it to become a standalone filtered storage safety cabinet without having to buy a completely new cabinet. This cost-effective, eco-friendly design helps you save money whilst ensuring the safest working environment.