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Smeg GW0160 Laboratory Washer

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The Cost Effective Lab Washer, Designed for Schools

A brand new addition to the range, the Smeg GW0160 laboratory dishwasher offers a feature packed solution to those on a budget. While maintaining the same reputable Smeg quality, this model has been refined to meet the needs of those wanting all the features of a laboratory washer in a cost effective solution. It’s particularly suited to school & university laboratories, as well as smaller laboratory applications.

Hollow Jet Rack Compatible - A Real Time Saver!

We know that hand washing hollow-neck glassware (such as Erlenmeyer or volumetric flasks) can be a nightmare job for any Australian lab tech. That's why Smeg has retained the hollow-jet rack compatibility feature across the range, meaning even the new GW0160 will provide a pristine finish for the narrowest and most contaminated glassware. To view our range of hollow jet racks click here.

All The Features A School Lab Tech Needs... Plus More

Offering thermal disinfection, security lock, automatic door opening, robust stainless steel AISI 304 coating, a range of accessories, 7 common pre-set programs and thermo-dynamic drying plus more, this unique lab dishwasher will easily out-perform any domestic washer. Available at an affordable and cost effective price, the GW0160 laboratory dishwasher could be just what you’re looking for.


Lab Washer Comparison Standard Domestic Washer Smeg GW0160
Construction material Mild steel AISI 304 stainless steel
Programs Between 3 - 5, not lab specific 7 lab glassware specific
Dispenser type/s Powder only Powder & liquid dosing
Service Inlets Cold water, possibly hot Cold water + DI water
Water Pumps Low pressure, High pressure,
Wash Temperature Up to 60° Up to 85°(thermal disinfection)
Drying - Active Thermodynamic
Input Voltage 240v only 240v, optional 400v (3 phase)
Extras - Water softener w/ salt sensors
    Lab glassware specific accessories
    Compatible with hollow jet racks


Trust The Lab Washer Experts

Did you know that since the 1960s, Gallay has supplied more than 2,000 laboratory washers to labs all around Australia? The large number of these washers still delivering pristine glassware today stands as a testament to their reliability and longevity. Ask us for a list of reference customers near you!

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