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Euronda Euroseal

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Attractive & Functional

The Euronda Euroseal is a thermosealing machine which combines maximum functionality with aesthetic sleekness. This cost- effective thermosealing machine has a modern design which fits perfectly into any stylish environment. It's state- of- the art lightweight materials remain high quality and hard wearing which guarantee a satisfied user experience.

Adaptable to any space

An adjustable special patented roll holder allows variation in height and depth, as well as the option of being used with two roll holders so that various sized rolls are always available for use. This extremely adaptable thermosealing machine, versatile in any space, has the option of wall- mounting making it perfect for any space.

Euronda Euroseal- The thermosealing machine designed for you

The Euroseal has been designed for you. This machine allows you to monitor as far as the sealing zone due to fact that the polycarbonate cover allows so, making it a very easy thermosealer to operate. You no longer need to hold the pouch being sealed in your hand, thanks to the practical work surface which rationalises the space.

Standard features include; a safety system- which prevents the roll from burning, an anti-return device and a series of audible and visual warning signals.