Workstation Steam Box

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Protect your health with the Workstation Steam Clean

The Steam Cleaning Box absorbs potentially contaminated aerosols or steam that can form when steam cleaning medical instruments.

This process occurs through a special filter that condenses any potentially harmful aerosols, and stores the contaminants/ the filter can easily be changed and disposed of.

  • Solid and durable stainless steel housing
  • Built-in lighting
  • Double sided drain plug
  • Foot switch or manual switch
  • Silent suction
  • Easy to change filter units


Why use the Workstation Steam Clean Box?

Equipped with built-in lighting, the Workstation Steam Box  provides solid and durable stainless steel housing for the filtration of contaminents. The Workstation Box works in acommpaniment with the Maxisteam-Steam Cleaner, to absorb any potentially harmful aerosols created through the steam cleaning process. To ensure continous effectiveness, the Workstation Steam Box comes with easy to change filters.

6 Advantages for your CSSD!


Efficient and intensive Cleaning of surgical instruments Reusable/ Steriliseable
Gentle, no scratches on metallic surfaces Chemical Free
Convenient through replaceable brush head Connectable to water guns