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CSSD Cleaning Process Monitors

Cleaning Process Monitoring by Gallay

Gallay provides highly effective and reliable cleaning process monitors & indicators. These devices are widely used amongst hospitals, dental clinics and CSSD departments. Monitoring and verifying cleaning processes on a regular basis are a vital aspect of infection control, whilst periodic testing verifies the functionality of the equipment and determines any potential issues.

Our Terragene range provides clean checks for ultrasonic and washer/ disinfector processes, whilst avoiding contamination during the manufacturing stage. Our Serim range will also monitor ultrasonic cleaning processes, as well as manual enzymatic cleaning procedures. With an extensive collection of products, Gallay has a solution for every need cleaning process monitoring need.

Cleaning Process Monitors

Ultrasonic cleaning Washer Disinfectors
Ultrasonic Cleaning Efficacy Test 'Splat' Washer Performance Test
  Chemdye CDWAH (Splat holder)


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With over 200 customers using our CSSD cleaning process inidicators throughout Australia & New Zealand, trust Gallay to provide you only the best available CSSD consumables. With more than 50 years experience in providing washing & disinfection solutions for a wide range of customers throughout Australia, our motto is "The Right Product Today, Supported for Life!"