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Dental Autoclaves

Gallay supplies a wide range of Dental Autoclaves to customers all around Australia & New Zealand. Euronda manufactures a range of sterilisation tools known throughout the world as being synonymous with reliability, strength and durability.  To discover more about the Medicom range offering, please click here.



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Some statistics about Euronda's dental sterilisation products:

  • World leader in the production of thermosealing machine in the dental field
  • The number one producer in the world of sterilisation rolls within the dental field
  • The first to invent an Inspection® system for autoclaves
  • The first to invent a track and trace system for data using adhesive labels
  • Creators of Dirt Control System technology, to this day the only one in the world

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Why use a Euronda Dental Autoclave?

Experience superior Class B sterilisation capabilities and cutting edge design with the Euronda E9 Recorder. State-of-the-art technology integrates a user-friendly touchpad display, while illuminated pictorial icons guide operation.Trust Gallay as the exclusive Euronda Dental Autoclave suppliers Australia wide.

The E-HELP function also assists the user in selecting the correct cycle type for particular loads and equipment.


Boasting a practical yet sleek design, the solid composition of Euronda Dental Autoclaves ensures they are built to last. The E9 Recorder guarantees instrument sterilisation to a T, without compromising user or patient safety.

The repositioned front ventilation (rather than sides) allows for flexibility when negotiating tight recessed spaces and also limits noise output. 

The stand-out feature exclusive to Euronda E9 is a glowing progress bar that illuminates in four colour variants to indicate cycle progression. This allows the user to monitor sterilisation phases from a distance with a single glance.

A built-in printer allows the user to document the entire sterilisation process to the legal standards and requirements. Adhesive sticker labels progressively track cycle data, while information from the tracking system can be easily transferred to a PC for backup of all operations. Ethernet or wireless connections enable up to five Autoclaves to be linked in the one system.


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