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Euronda E9 Next 24L

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Modular Structure & Valves Block

The Euronda E9 Next dental benchtop sterilizer has been made with a modular system which allows quick, easy access to all internal components of the machine, making cleaning and maintenance easily accessible in line with the latest standards. The unified valve system means a great amount of time and resources are saved making this dental sterilizer more eco-friendly and attentive to needs of any medical establishment. 

Dental Benchtop Sterilizer with Complete Traceability

Every sterilisation cycle is tracked thanks to the SD card and Ethernet connection, conforming to EN13060 standard requirements. The SD card allows saving and transferring data to a computer easy, while the Ethernet connection allows quick safe connection.  
The Euronda E9 dental benchtop sterilizer is also equipped with E-Wi-Fi allowing wireless connection to two or more devices incl. printers, smartphones, and computers. Euronda E9 Next also has the option of expanding to your needs. 

Advanced Simple Technology 

Swift and logical functionality has never been easier, with clear simple icons which enable the user to easily navigate this dental benchtop steriliser. The new display has an advanced ability for customisation allowing the user to create a menu and develop your own approach to functioning the machine making efficiency easier than ever. 

Class B Sterilisation 

This state-of –the-art dental steriliser, sterilises all instruments flawlessly, ensuring total safety of you and your patients. All cycles are type B and conform completely to EN13060 standards. The E9 next guarantees optimal water and electricity consumption allowing you to take full advantage of each cycle by using all five trays and three containers. 
Euronda E9 Next Benchtop Dental Steriliser includes;

  • Dirt control system
  • Instant steam generator
  • & Air-water separator