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Euronda E9 18L Medical Benchtop Steam Sterilizer

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The Best Small Dental Autoclave with Class B Sterilization

The Euronda E9 18L is the best small dental autoclave for the sterilization of medical instruments. All cycles are compliant with EN13060 Standard requirements, to ensure safety for both you and your patient.

Small and Practical

The 18L Benchtop Autoclave has a chamber size of 250x347 mm ØxD. Furthermore, with 460x610mm dimensions, the Euronda is able to fit comfortably on most benchtops.

Easy-to-use and user-friendly

The Euronda E9 has an E-touch display, with innovative touch-screen technology and comprehensible icons. With a simple glance, the luminous progress bar on the handle compartment instantly notifies users of cycle stage. Through icons, the small dental autoclave displays content which will be inserted inside the chamber, before allowing the operator to select the most suitable cycle required.

18 Litre Capacity

The Euronda E9 has an 18L capacity, yet maintains the same features as the 24L to give you the same added benefits of a small benchtop autoclave.