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Soluscope Pass-Thru Drying Cabinet (compressor)

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Class-Leading Double-Door Endoscope Drying Cabinet

The DSC8000 double door version has been designed to run independently of hospital air systems for smaller hospitals & day surgeries where this is a key requirement.

Store Your Scopes for up to 168 Hours

Ensuring full compliance with EN16442, international standards and applicable local AS/NZ4187 guidelines, the 2D-C model offers endoscope storage for up to 7 days.

Complete Tracking & Traceability

Featuring Soluscopes advanced touch-screen technology in combination with Soluscope IT, this cabinet has been designed to integrate with your Soluscope Automated Endoscope Reprocessor and Soluscope IT tracking systems.  The embedded traceability system includes a barcode reader, ensuring full traceability when a tray or scope is removed from the cabinet.

Channel-Controlled Filtered Air

Medical grade air is flushed through all channels of the scope, whilst the air circulating around the scope remains sterile with assistance from germicidal lamps fitted within the drying cabinet.

Peace of Mind

The Soluscope DSC8000 endoscope drying cabinet provides you with peace of mind, knowing the cabinet functions are being monitored 24/7 including the connections to the endoscopes, air pressure in the channels, filter clogging and UV-C lamp failures.

Transportation and Storage

The Soluscope Trolley is designed to transport endoscopes from treatment to examination rooms.  Gallay offer a variety of transport and storage options, ranging from 5 trays up to 10 trays.