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Dryascope Endoscope Drying Cabinet (vertical)

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Keep Bacterial Growth to a minimum

Endoscopes must be dried if they are not going to be used for a while, since bacterial growth in a moist endoscope is many times greater than in a dry one. If an endoscope is placed in a drying cabinet, then the potential for bacterial growth must be kept to a minimum. That places strict demands on the features of the cabinet used.

Hanging of scopes

The cabinet has a fixed system for hanging the scopes up. They are dried externally by taking air from the surroundings, filtering it (option) and blowing it into the cabinet from the top. These High-Quality Drying Cabinets enable endoscopes to be securely stored and dried inside and out using medical air and HEPA filtered air.  The Dryascope endoscope cabinets have room for 7 scopes and can be optionally adapted to fit special scopes. The simple to use endoscope cabinet interface allows endoscopes to be placed into the cabinet via a barcode scanner. The barcode scanner allows only authorized staff to open the cabinet, therefore keeping your endoscopes securely locked.

Features such as the Barcode System & Storage Mode

The barcode system also allows tracking of the scopes and user. After drying is completed, the scope goes into “storage mode”, which is a set time that can be programmed per scope. Air continues to flow through the scope so that no contamination or possible recontamination of the scope can occur. The inner cabinet is made of a single piece of high quality plastic and is easy to clean. The drying cabinet is equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, which can be set at an alarm level. The data is tracked and any errors are recorded in the central SQL database, which can be easily connected to your computer system. This system also provides maximum traceability in the endoscopy unit, a feature which is highly appreciated by many customers.