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Medium Ductless Fume Hoods

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Simpler & Safer Lab Space

Ensuring safety during operation has never been easier. In the case of main filter saturation, fan failure, excessive scheduled working time, or air face velocity decrease an inbuilt smart light easily notifies the user with a pulsing light that there is a safety issue so that it can be attended to efficiently.

The aim of Erlab's Captair Smart Range of Medium Ductless Fume hoods is to create a simpler safer space in the lab so that you can focus on what matters most- your work. 

Environmentally Friendly & Easily Adaptable Ductless Fume Cupbards

As well as the smart range of medium ductless fume cupboards being cost-effective, they are also environmentally friendly. Erlab's ductless fume cupboards don’t allow dangerous chemicals to be released into the atmosphere and have very low energy consumption. The Smart Range allows you to get your work done safely, efficiently, cost- effectively and doesn’t harm the environment.

Due to the fact that there is no ducting required, there is no limit on the number of Medium fume cupboards occupying a space. The choice of ductless fume hoods over ducted also means that you don’t need to find a fixed position, allowing you the flexibility of moving it around as needs be.


            Safety                     Simple To Use           Filtration Safety           Connectivity


Easy to control- Remote access eGuard app

With Erlab's Smart Range you have the ability to connect your equipment and benefit from remote access to the hood, settings, alert and more by simply downloading the eGuard app on your smart device. Monitoring and control have never been easier.