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Ductless Fume Hoods

As the global leader, Erlab has built a strong reputation providing filtered fume hoods, ductless fume hoods and filtered storage solutions since 1968. An expert in air filtration for the protection and safety of laboratory personnel, Erlab provides advanced technologies that protects health and enhances environmental sustainability. With more than 700 ductless fume cabinets installed throughout Australia, Erlab continues to meet all air filtration needs to provide a safe and protected laboratory.  

Model Applications External
Working Area
Air Volume Noise Price
Captair Smart 321S  Powders, Liquids & Combinations 800x556x968-1154 764x524 220m³/h 52 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 321 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 800x615x1106-1292 764x583 220m³/h 52 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 391 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1005x615x1106-1292 897x522 220m³/h 52 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 481 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1280x615x1106-1292 1244x583 220m³/h 52 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 632 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1600x615x1106-1292 1565x583 440m³/h 55 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 392 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1005x750x1332-1518 897x692 440m³/h 55 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 483 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1298x750x1332-1518 1242x708 660m³/h 58 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 633 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1620x750x1332-1518 1567x708 660m³/h 58 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 714 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1819x750x1332-1518 1767x708 880m³/h 61 dbA Click Here
Captair Bio PCR Workstation (RNA/DNA) ranging from 825 -1637 601x585 220 - 440m³/h - Click Here
Captair Flow Laminar Flow Cabinet ranging from 825 - 1620 608x565 220 - 660³/h 52- 58 dbA Click Here
Green Fume Hood High Volume Powders, Liquids ranging from 1225 - 2265 - 460-1150m³/h - Click Here

 *Variety of external height available


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  • Main filter saturation
  • Fan failure
  • Excessive scheduled working time
  • Air face velocity decrease

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Over 700 Ductless Fume Hoods sold throughout Australia and New Zealand

Erlab and Gallay have become a trusted name amongst Laboratory Managers providing filtered fume hoods with superior filtration that keeps personnel protected during chemical processes. Today, a range of fume cabinet models are stocked to suit all requirements, including a vast range of accessories, filter types and service agreement options.

These ductless fume cabinets have grown in popularity over the past decade because they meet or exceed relevant safety standards, as well as offering lower purchase and running costs compared to ducted cabinets.


Complete Protection

The Ductless Fume Hood by Erlab can be installed anywhere in the laboratory as it is an autonomous machine. No outside air is exhausted, there is no limit to the number of Fume Hoods installed without having to increase fresh air supply to lab.

No air-conditioned air consumption

When installed in an air-conditioned room, the Erlab Ductless Fume Hood will save large quantities of energy, as yearly costs of filters are lower than air-conditioned air exhausted outside by conventional fume hoods.

Environmentally Friendly

Erlab Ductless Fume Hoods are eco-friendly as handled chemicals are efficiently retained in the filter/s. The user can reduce evaporation of chemicals, and perform a large number of handlings in their Ductless Fume Hood.

Easy and Economical set- up

The Ductless Fume Hoods are delivered disassembled, with easy installation (as quick as 30 minutes). Plug into a standard electrical socket, and the fume hood is ready to go!




Unique flex filtration to  manage a variety of lab applications

New smart technology 

Sensors to detect filter saturation

Face velocity automatically monitored

6° slanted sash to offer optimal visibility and ergonomic work space

Large openings for convenient access