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EndoSelect Transport Pad

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Endoscope Transport Protection

EndoSelect Transport Pad is an absorbent, non-linting transit pouch that provides protection for endoscopes during transportation to the reprocessing area. This transport pad encompasses a translucent material so dirty endoscopes are visible & the need for washing dirty transport trays is eliminated.

Leak Proof & Flexible Size

The pouch provides leak-proof containment to eliminate bio-hazardous fluids during endoscope transportation. The EndoSelect Transport Pad wraps the contaminated endoscope with drawstring ties enclosing it to trap liquids & other contaminants. 

The flexible full coverage drape design allows soiled endoscopes to sit relaxed as opposed to tightly coiled, which limits damage to equipment during the handling process.

Intuitive to Use:

  • Safely remove dirty endoscopes from the procedure room to the cleaning room. Then simply pull on the drawstring ties to convert the surface pad into an enclosed transport pouch.
  • Absorbent, non-linting infection control pad to protect your work surface
  • Leak-proof containment to eliminate bio-hazard fluid contamination risk