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Plasma Typhoon Endoscope Drying & Storage System

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Ultra Fast Endoscope Drying & Storage System

Plasma Typhoon offers ultrafast drying capabilities, rapidly drying the complete internal channels of the endoscope using warmed medical grade air, within 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  The unit is ideal for drying scopes during the day between use and/or prior to storage overnight. The unit is compatible with a wide range of colonoscopes, gastroscopes, EUS ultrasound endoscopes, duodenoscopes, bronchoscopes (inc. paediatric) and cystoscopes.

Validated, Versatile & Safe

Plasma Typhoon is validated for use with Olympus, Pentax, Fujifilm, Storz, Wolf and Fuse endoscopes and operates via medical air, a compressor or gas cylinders.
Ideal to supplement your current drying protocols, Plasma Typhoon takes just 6 seconds to store your scope. Using plasma (activated air) the scope is placed in a sealable bag, which is injected with activated air disinfecting the surface of the scope.  The scope is validated for storage up to 1 month (current guidelines in Australia allow scope storage for up 7 days).

Full Electronic Traceability Included

The Plasma Typhoon endoscope drying & storage system records and stores both user and endoscope barcode data (this is stored via SD card in CSV format).  A printed label, which you place on the scope bag, records the following compliant storage information: Date and time of treatment, Scope ID, User ID, Validation of treatment parameter values, Cycle completed successfully (drying and or storage according to cycle selection), Storage validity.

Tiny Footprint – Only 25cm Wide!

Plasma Typhoon is especially popular amongst customers who are space constrained.  With the unit itself weighing in at only 7kg and a width of just 25cm, PlasmaTyphoon is a fantastic solution if you don’t have space for a traditional drying cabinet.

Proven & Tested - EN 16442 Compliant

The Plasma Typhoon has been extensively tested and certified by Biotec-Germande; leaders in medical device testing and validation throughout the world and has been used in Europe for over 2 years, with medical sites recently acquiring Plasma Typhoon in the UK and Switzerland.
Certified by Biotech-Germande NF EN 16442 norm up to 744 storage hours.
Cold plasma can be used to decontaminate surfaces without damaging the surface. It is used in the food industry to minimise food spoilage and prolong shelf life and has been demonstrated to have a broad antimicrobial activity.

Easy start up; plug and play

Just two standard electrical sockets is all you need to power up Plasma Typhoon; one for the unit and one for the printer. Once the unit is connected to minimum gas pressure at the inlet of 3 bar it is ready to turn on and use. The Plasma Typhoon ultra fast scope drying unit requires much less space, medical air and electricity than conventional scope drying methods.


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