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Euronda E10 Class B Autoclave Sterilizer

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The Future of Sterilization

The new Euronda E10 benchtop autoclave offers exceptional product performance with a quick sterilization turnaround. With exceptional drying capabilities, this medical autoclave minimizes water and energy consumption. It’s quiet operation (less than 50dB) and intelligent design offers medical and dental practitioners an intuitive autoclave which is simple to use. With its stylish contemporary design and ergonomic features, the Euronda E10 brings autoclave aesthetics to a new level.

Advanced Traceability

The new E10 offers a comprehensive and expandable traceability system which allows users to retain and manage data from this machine like never before. With the ability to keep a record of the sterilization process in both the loading and unloading phases, the operator is assured a high functioning sterilization with every cycle.


The Euronda E10 comes in two different sizes making it perfect for every workspace. With a variety of optional tray holders, printers and WiFi kits, the new Euronda E10 is customizable and adaptable to all your requirements.


Capacity Chamber dimensions Weight Price
18L 180 x 160 x 280 mm (wxhxd) 47.5 KG Click Here
24L 180 x 160 x 380 mm (wxhxd) 50.5 KG Click Here