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FlexClean System

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Cleaning and disinfection of cannulated instruments using DIN trays in any washer-disinfect

Thanks to the Flexclean system, there is now a solution for the cleaning and disinfection of cannulated instruments using DIN trays in any washer-disinfector. This means that all surgical or dental instruments - hollow or not - can be cleaned & disinfected together in the same washing disinfector!

Options such as DIN Tray or washing tube

The two options for the FlexClean system include either a DIN tray with a fixed washing tube, or a stand-alone washing tube. From there the tray or washing tube connects via an ingenious connector to the mobile washing rack, barely affecting the washing machine's water pressure. Each hollow instrument is positioned in an opening of the washing tube where water and disinfectant run ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned inside and out every time. The FlexClean system offers an all round flexible solution to dental or surgical instrument cleaning, regardless of medical specialisation.

Benefits of the FlexClean System

No misplacing of instruments - those belonging to the same set share a DIN tray and are cleaned in the same load.
Less cleaning time – ability to place all instruments (hollow or not) in the same load
Customised washing machines & special mobile washing racks (for hollow instruments) are not required.