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Smeg GW4060 Laboratory Washer

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3 in 1: Washing, Disinfecting and Drying

The GW4060 are machines designed to operate with 1 or 2 levels for treating various types of substances and the have the possibility of washing, disinfecting and drying. 

Stainless Steel wash chamber

The range of professional Smeg washing and disinfection machines offers a vast range of specific trolleys and accessories for washing glassware, the wash chambers are made of AISI 316 L quality stainless steel resistant to strong acids and the plastic materials used are the result of more than 20 years of testing and direct experience in the most varied application fields.

Includes Wastewater Seperation System

The fully automatic washing process of the Smeg glassware washers guarantees extremely high performance quality ensuring excellent controllable results, verifiable and repeatable over time. Automatic washing allows achieving impeccable results and the margin of error is reduced to a minimum. The Smeg models can be equipped with a wastewater separation system. This allows separating the washing wastewater full of potentially polluting substances from the rinsing water containing a negligible concentration of pollutants and can therefore be drained into the normal sewerage. The Smeg GW4060 features a dryer with condensor making this model a perfect solution for your workplace. 

Full Automatic Washing Process 

The heart of the new generation Smeg disinfection machines is the fully automatic washing process and the possibility of programming all the washing parameters. The automatic washing guarantees extremely high performance quality ensuring excellent controllable results, verifiable and repeatable over time and reducing margin of error; the ultra modern control system with 4 microprocessors that control every activity carried out and monitor the entire flow of information processed by the machine offers the possibility of programming all the washing parameters directly from the PC thanks to the USB, RS232 or LAN connections and the WDTRACE ® registered software.

Trust The Lab Washer Experts

Did you know that since the 1960s, Gallay has supplied more than 2,000 laboratory washers to labs all around Australia? The large number of these washers still delivering pristine glassware today stands as a testament to their reliability and longevity. Ask us for a list of reference customers near you!
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