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Stay one step in front knowing your lab's air quality 

Erlab’s new Halo Sense Smart is a lab air quality sensor designed to ensure the safety of your lab and employees. Halo Sense Smart continuously monitors air quality for a vast spectrum of fumes and vapours commonly used in labs. 

Optimised for your lab's requirements

Halo sense comes in 3 different versions optimised for sensoring the air quality for particular chemicals. These versions include Halo Sense Smart Monitors for  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Acids & Formaldehyde. 

Stay Informed with Smart Technology

When Halo Sense Smart detects fumes or vapors, a soft band of light pulses and an alarm will indicate to advise the air is polluted with it's targetted sensor for either solvents, acids or formaldehyde. Simple connection with Erlab’s Smart range eGuard App allows you to monitor remotley & in real time and receive any notifications of pollutants even if you're not in the lab.