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GallayTrac - The starting point for zero surgical site infections

A comprehensive surgical instrument, equipment tracking and management system allowing the user to track individual instruments via unique identifiers. InstrumenTrac® combines a proprietary marking system, scanning technology and application software to create a high-end solution for healthcare facilities where increased patient safety, improved operating theatre efficiency and CSSD management of high-value surgical instruments is paramount

Electronic database system

InstrumenTrac’s electronic database system records and provides immediate access to detailed information on the history and use on your surgical instruments.
The scanning technology can quickly and efficiently locate your equipment and attain complete accountability on all instrument information. See catalogue number and description, price, preventive maintenance schedule, serial number, ownership, disinfectant method, acquisition date etc.

Mark Instruments Once, Maintain 100% Tray Accuracy Thereafter

GallayTrac’s InstrumenTrac is the most complete and powerful electronic instrument management system for instrument tracking.
This fully featured unique barcoding identification technology serialises surgical instruments with 2D permanent barcodes as a visible and traceable solution to optimise organization and accountability of your surgical assets use and reprocessing history.
Creating the perfect alignment between theatre efficiency and infection control

Guarantee 100% tray accuracy and that your instruments are in the right place at the right time in the right condition.

Instead of spending hours searching for instruments, staff can focus on more critical and important work with no increase in cost or resources. InstrumenTrac aims to increase patient safety and theatre efficiency