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Integron Class 5 Integrators

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Product name Description Colour change Pack size Price
IT26S Integrator (range between 121- 134oC) Purple to Green 200 Click Here
IT26SAD Integrator with self adhesive back (range between 121- 134oC) Purple to Green 100 Click Here
IT26-1YS Integrator (range between 121- 134oC) Yellow to Black 200 Click Here
IT26-C Migrating Integrator n/a migrating bar 100 Click Here


Class 5 Chemical Integrators

Terragene® Class 5 unique point steam integrators ensures an adequate control of the effectiveness of sterilisation processes (temperature, time, steam quality). These integrators have been manufactured for verification of steam sterilisation cycles between 121 °C and 134 °C. The Performance Curve (see below) of each integrator can easily determine the safety margin held by each one of them.

How to use Class 5 Chemical Integrators?

The Class 5 Chemical Integrator by Terragene were developed with Chemink® innovative chemical technology and tested with stringent quality standards. These inks will change a specific colour to indicate whether proper steam sterilisation has taken place. The IT26-C Migrating Integrator differs from other integrators, as it provides a migrating bar to measure sterilisation effectiveness compared to ink colour changes.

Why is it important to use Class 5 Chemical Integrators?

Class 5 Chemical Integrators provide a distinct pass or fail result, giving the user confidence to safely release instruments in the steam sterilisation cycle. The Class 5 Chemical Integrator will detect any potential failures, resulting from overloading and issues with the steriliser itself, providing effective infection control in your hospital.