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Smeg GW1160 Laboratory Washer

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Glassware Washer with 8 Wash Programs

The GW1160  is designed to operate with 1 or 2 levels for treating various types of substances. Why choose a Smeg laboratory washer over a domestic (home) dishwasher?
The Smeg laboratory Glassware washing machines differ to the domestic grade of washer you’d purchase at a white goods store. The Smeg Laboratory Glass Washers are specifically designed for laboratory applications. They are Italian designed and made from high quality stainless steel inside and out for reliability and rigorous use. They have specific wash and disinfection programs for organic and inorganic chemical compounds; they have the option for DI (Deionized) or Distilled Water rinse cycles.

Anything But 'Basic'!

The range of professional Smeg washing machine called 'The Basic Line' is projected and manufactured specifically with quality materials such as stainless steel AISI 316L. Capability to pump and circulate up to four times the amount of water of a home dishwasher. Durable and stylish outer panels in 304 stainless steel, with 316L stainless steel interior. Robust design on all components to provide years of reliable maintenance free use. Choice of 8 wash programs (2 can be customised). Thermal disinfection cycles with wash temperatures of up to 93°C

Reduced Space & Increased Performance

Its compact design gives no compromise to quality cleaning of glassware and other laboratory equipment. With an in built steam condenser The GW1160 model Laboratory Washer supersedes Lab 200, Lab200M and Lab-200D glassware washer. Includes the  240VAC or 415V AC 3 phase supply with multiple washing levels and thermal convection drying standard.

Recirculation pump 400L/min for powerful, effective and efficient cleaning of all types of contaminated glassware. Dual peristaltic pumps as standard (for use with liquid concentrates i.e.; 1x detergent and 1x neutralizer). Chamber temperature and cycle monitoring display, fast water heating via 3 selectable heating elements.

Trust The Lab Washer Experts

Did you know that since the 1960s, Gallay is a leading supplier of more than 2,000 laboratory washers to labs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane? The large number of these washers still delivering pristine glassware today stands as a testament to their reliability and longevity. Ask us for a list of reference customers near you!

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