Halo Air Purifier

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A Solution for removing noxious odors from your laboratory

Erlab's Halo is an air purifiying filter unit that pulls dirty air from the lab through a Neutrodine filter that adsorbs & retains noxious odor causing molecules, whilst returning clean air back into the room. This laboratory-grade Neutrodine filter also contains a pre-filter with the ability to capture a variety of airborne fumes & odours.

Smart technology that keeps you informed

A soft band of LED light notifies laboratory personnel that the air is clean, whilst a pulsating band of LED light signifies that Halo is capturing the fugitive chemicals. Remote monitoring is available through easy connection with Erlab's smart range app eGuard, allowing you to check the status, change the settings or simply monitor.  

Undistruptive installation

Ease of installation also makes Halo an easy choice, Halo is installed into the laboratory ceiling with no requirements to connect to HVAC. Multiple units can be installed with each unit working in optimal coverage of a 20marea.

Optimised for your lab's needs

Erlab's Halo is available in 4 versions optimised for your laboratory's needs, detection & filtration for Volatile organic compounds (VOC), Chemplus, Acids & Formaldehye.