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Laminar Flow Cabinet – Captair Flow

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New Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets : Captair Flow

The Flow range from Erlab has been completely redesigned and now features four new enclosure designs and sizes. The new models are named Flow 321, Flow 391, Flow 483 and Flow 632. Click the Specifications Tab to see exact details for each model.

A Clean Air Enclosure To Suit Your Application

The Flow range by Erlab has a wide range of sizes (from 80cm through to 1.8m) so you're sure to find a model that will suit your space and application requirements.

The Laminar Flow cabinet is a  specialist fume cabinet designed for protecting the experimental substance as opposed to the operator. The product handled inside the fume cabinet is protected against any particulate contamination via the combination of a high-grade H14 HEPA filter and a blower passing a filtered laminar flow airstream over the work surface.

Supplied By The Laminar Flow Cabinet Experts In Australia

Erlab has been the undisputed world-leader in ductless fume cabinets and Laminar Flow Cabinets since 1968. In Australia today, over 600 ductless fume cabinets designed by Erlab have been sold and serviced by Gallay Scientific from our offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Modular Design, Tool-Free Installation

As with all Erlab's Captair Flex models, the Captair Flex S series is easy and fast to set up. Once plugged in it is immediately operational. Erlab's Captair flex can be moved easily at any time (without tools) and optionally can be placed on a trolley to provide a fully mobile fume hood.