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Belimed WD290 Large Capacity Laboratory Washer

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WD290 - 18 DIN tray washer-disinfector with automatic sliding doors

With the largest capacity in the series, the WD 290 is the highest performing machine to fully utilize its capabilities. The complete process, including loading and unloading, can be automated to enhance the machine's throughput capacity

Meets the highest standards

The WD-290 meets the highest standards and is available as standard in a single-door model or for special applications with a fully automatic double-door and its large chamber.

Operating Location:

The WD290 is suitable in any Sterile Services department wherever there is demand for high throughput of medical equipment.

Innovative Features

  • Featuring the highest capacity with the least floor space, 310L chamber.  All stainless steel construction
  • With large load volume over 5 levels, low costs due to innovative dynamic wash process. The glass or stainless steel doors. The pass through version available & suited mid to large sized CSSD with the Highest disinfection Ao available.  Auto load & program recognition featuring modular systems & automatic loading/ unloading.
  • Batch control and archive system with  compact, efficient, fast processing time

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