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Medical Heat Sealers

Gallay supplies a wide range of Medical Heat Sealers to hospitals, day surgeries and dentists all around Australia and New Zealand. With an increased focus on traceability in instrument packing (thanks to the updated Australian Standard AS/NZS4187) the new validatable units from Smeg & Euronda are proving very popular in 2016.

Model Size (wxdxh) Sealing Method Process Validation to EN ISO 11607-2 Max. Throughput (metres speed/minute) Price
SMEG SGI250 Thermal Sealing Unit 420x360x220 Manual No - Click Here
SMEG SGR10S Thermal Sealing Unit 500x260x140 Automatic/Rotary - 10 Click Here
SMEG SGR30S Thermal Sealing Unit 620x260x250 Automatic Yes 10 Click Here
Euronda Euromatic Thermosealer 473x220x235 Automatic/Rotary Yes 8 Click Here
Euronda Euroseal 2001 Plus 445x198x85 Manual/Impulse Yes - Click Here
Euronda Euroseal Valida 500x315x485 Manual/Impulse Yes - Click Here
Euronda Euroseal 440x315x390 Manual/Impulse Yes - Click Here


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Why purchase a Medical Heat Sealer from Gallay?

The Smeg Thermal Sealer units combine elegance with practicality. With an adjustable seal margin and temperature, the user is able to accommodate the machine to their own requirements. Gallay distributes a range of Smeg products, all in accordance to Australian Standards.

Why do we need Medical Heat Sealing?

Medical Heat Sealers have become a vital part of the medical landscape, through the contamination prevention of test samples, medical equipment and fluid bags. Smeg Medical Heat Sealers are space-saving and combine latest technologies to provide quality and assurance for users. Keeping your medical instruments sterile begins with Smeg.