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Aniosyme Foam Pre-Cleaner Spray

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Aniosyme Foam cleans and disinfects medical and surgical instruments

During transport in non-humid mode or prior to machine cleaning Aniosyme foam cleans and disinfects medical and surgical instruments. The product maintains an adequate level of humidity to avoid blood and other organic materials drying.

Avoids drying of soils and more

The Aniosyme foam is detergent efficacy demostrated, it avoids drying of soils and it features dense foam so the instruments are coated evenly. Aniosyme foam is also broadly compatible.

Easy to Use

There is a very easy four step processes for using Aniosyme Foam. Firstly spray Aniosyme foam evenly on the instruments collected in a soaking tray. Secondly, the instruments are covered with foam. Thirdly cover the tray with the lid in the tray and lastly rinse the instuments before machine or manual cleaning.