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03 December 2015

Ductless Fume Hoods vs. Ducted



Ducted Fume Hoods


Ductless Fume Hoods

INSTALLATION High capital costs involved in installation
eg. air ducts, setup etc
Easily installed by laboratory staff & doesn't require significant costs, planning or site modifications
OPERATING COSTS As air is exhausted outside the building, huge energy consumption is required to maintain temperatures inside the building Conditioned air stays within the building so no additional energy is required
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Require a large amount of energy consumption to operate & pollutants are released directly into the atmosphere Recycle pure air throughout the workplace environment without the need for additional energy. No pollutants are released into the environment
MOBILITY Position is fixed after installation & relocation incurs significant capital costs Can be easily relocated by laboratory staff without costs involved
CLEAN ROOM LABORATORIES Not ideal as exhausted air creates negative pressure Suitable as there's no need to exhaust air outside & therefore won't create negative pressure


Thanks to Erlab’s technological advances in filtration technology, environmentally-conscious laboratory managers across the country are able to introduce eco-friendly ductless fume hoods into their facilities. To request a quote click here. For more information click here or call Gallay on 1300 425 529.

  •  Various sizes & models to suit all applications
  • Care for the environment by eliminating direct emissions into the atmosphere
  • Suitable for handling both chemical liquids & powders
  • Portable, trolley mounted options
  • Ideal protection for a wide range of chemicals
  • Quick & simple installation with no ducting required
  • Energy savings: Lowers air conditioning costs
  • Clear back option ideal for schools & demonstration

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